Workplace Investigations

With recent updates to legislation, the requirement for companies to act appropriately to investigate complaints has never been so clear. If your organization doesn’t have the in-house expertise, or if the sensitive nature of the issue requires that you engage a neutral third-party investigator, call us.

Our experienced workplace investigators engage with individuals in a sensitive and trauma-informed manner. We have helped employers address allegations involving:

  • Bullying and psychological harassment
  • Harassment and discrimination based on prohibited grounds under the OHRC
  • Sexual harassment and sexual violence
  • Indigenous rights issues
  • Failure to accommodate
  • Anonymous complaints
  • Allegations of reprisal

HR Consulting & Support

Not all businesses can afford to have an HR Professional on staff, but if you have employees sooner or later you’ll wish you knew one.

Whether it’s developing offer letters, working through corrective action processes, or dealing with medical issues or returns to work and accommodations you’ll find North Shore provides insightful and practical advice to help you make difficult business decisions.

Talent Acquisition

Extend your network.  North Shore has experience direct sourcing a range of technical, professional, and sales positions across a variety of private and public sector organizations. 

Partner with us to help you find your next high-value hire.