1. North Shore HR Consulting was engaged by a large service sector organization to conduct an investigation into allegations of workplace harassment and discrimination. During the course of our investigation the client expanded our investigational mandate to include additional complaints that individuals disclosed to the investigator while being interviewed.
  2. A large public-sector organization engaged North Shore HR Consulting to assess the prevalence of sexual harassment within their organization. This lengthy, complex process resulted in multiple findings of policy violations which led to positive changes in the work environment and expressions of appreciations from several employees who had brought their concerns forward during the investigation.
  3. A not-for-profit organization became aware of reports that a toxic environment was developing in their workplace. Our investigator conducted an in-depth workplace assessment, producing a detailed report on their findings and recommendations which enabled the organization to take immediate action to resolve the issues and improve the work environment.
  4. A well-established private sector employer became aware of inappropriate and unprofessional communications between two employees. The company reached out to North Shore HR Consulting for support and advice while they conducted their own investigation into the allegations and considered appropriate actions. In addition to providing guidance throughout the investigation, North Shore HR Consulting developed various communications, templates, and disciplinary letters to ensure that the employer’s process was appropriately thorough while recognizing the need for it to be unambiguous and timely.