1. An established retailer received a letter from an Employment Standards Officer alleging several violations of the Employment Standards Act in relation to current and previous employees. North Shore HR Consulting worked with the employer to itemize and respond to each of the issues, providing clarity and explanations as appropriate. Further support included the development and revision of policies and processes to address deficiencies as necessary.
  2. A smaller local employer had an employee text them that they were unwell and would not be able to be at work until they felt better. We consulted with the employer and supported them through a process which ensured that their employee was supported, while they were able to continue to meet their own business objectives. This entailed preparing various communications to the employee, guiding the employer through the appropriate human rights and legislative leave provisions, and updating their related forms and policies.
  3. A prominent local employer hired a new leader as part of their long-term business plans. North Shore HR Consulting is providing ongoing mentoring and support for this manager as they grow into their role and take on additional leadership responsibilities.